I have been told by a few people that spine surgery is very risky and often patients get complicated? Is it true ?

Today, spine surgery is one of the most successful surgeries performed in the world. It has undergone a number of advancements in last 10 years. As it is a highly technical procedure and requires an extensive learning, complications were common with surgeons who were not comprehensively trained in Spine Surgery. As a result, some complications were noted. Even then in most of the cases recognized complications include nerve injury, dural tear or recurrence of pain. Paralysis widely believed to be common following surgery is however , extremely extremely rare even in the most untrained hands.
After recent advancements in last 7-8 years, Spine training is a recognized super-speciality now and for a recognized spine surgeon it is mandatory to train oneselfwith atleast 2 to 3 years of dedicated training (fellowship) for spine surgery. This has brought down the complications to extremely low levels and now spine surgery is considered a very safe and successful surgery. Many procedures have been made minimally invasive, allowing patients to benefit from smaller incision sizes and reduced muscle and tissue interference. These benefits translate to less blood loss during surgery, making the procedure quicker, less painful, with a shortened post-operative recovery period. To feel safe going into a surgical procedure, it is important to trust the surgeon. Dr. Ashish Jain , MBBS , MS, Mch, DipSICOT is a certified, Fellowship-trained spine surgeon, and is a thought leader in back pain treatment in India and the only exclusive spine surgeon in this whole region. Dr. Jain is an advocate of minimally invasive spine surgery for its benefits to the patient, and strives to make the experience as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

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