How to treat this condition ?

Continue with normal activities as far as possible. This may not be possible at first if the pain is very bad. However, move around as soon as possible, and get back into normal activities as soon as you are able. As a rule, don’t do anything that causes a lot of pain.In the past, advice had been to rest until the pain eases. It is now known that this was wrong. Sleep in the most naturally comfortable position on whatever is the most comfortable surface.
Medication by itself cannot cure this problem. The treatment to this condition is NOT AT ALL by medicines. Painkillers are best to be taken as a short course as advised as it helps in initiation of exercises. These should be gradually decreased For nerve pains and bone strength however medications , calcium , Vitamins are often helpful in maintaining the strength .
Some people visit a physiotherapist or osteopath for manipulation and/or other physical treatments. It is debatable whether physical treatments would help all people with a prolapsed disc. However, physical treatments provide some short-term comfort.
Surgery is an option in some cases. It is often not necessary. However it is often required if the symptoms have not settled after about three months or so. More importantly whenever there is a weakness of the nerves is manifested such as weakness of toes or ankle or persistent numbness or persistent tingling which does not subside within 3 weeks , surgery is warranted. This is the minority of cases as in about 9 in 10 cases; the symptoms have eased off and are not bad enough to warrant surgery. The aim of surgery is to cut out the prolapsed part of the disc. There are different techniques available with us to do the same as it is a very minor surgery.

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