Neck Pain

Neck pain ( = Cervical pain) , is a medical condition which results from a number diseases or disorders related to the neck. Causes :
• Strain or sprain that occurs due to injury to the neck muscles, tendons or ligaments.
• Degenerative Disc Diseasewhich results from damage to the spine discs or also due to aging.
• Whiplash – a soft tissue injury to the neck.
• Slipped disc – a condition which occurs due to wear and tear of intervertebral disc.
• Pinched Nerve – painful sensation or numbness due to increased pressure on the nerves.
• Wrong positioning of the neck while sleeping.

Associated important symptoms :
• Stiffness in the neck.
• Weakness, numbness or tingling sensation in the arm or hand.
• Sharp pain that feels like stinging or stabbing in the lower levels of neck.
• Radiating pain that travels from neck towards the arms and shoulder.
• Difficulty in holding or lifting objects with perfect grip.
• A pinched nerve in the neck sometimes also causes pain that radiates upwards to the head, resulting in tension headache.

How to get rid of Neck Pain?
• Medical Management- Pain medications are initially given to provide relief from mild pain.
• Physical Therapy- This is the most common and traditional way of treating patients with neck pain due to spine inflammation.
• Steroid Injections- Corticosteroid medications or numbing medicines are injected near the nerve roots to relieve neck pain.
• Surgical Treatment – In case the pain continues for a longer period and is getting worse with time, then your doctor may suggest you to undergo surgery. A herniated disc, bone spur or spinal cord compressionare treated by minimally invasive spine surgery which requires hospitalisation for few days.
• Alternative Therapies like chiropractic manipulation for the cervical spine, acupuncture, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and relaxation techniques also help in reducing pain, improving motion and reinstating normal function of the head and neck region.